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Bid One and All


Author of the premiere auctioneer’s handbook, “Bid One and All”

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Bid One and All with Study Guide is also used by Apprentice Auctioneers in Pennsylvania and throughout the US as the primary text and reference for the PA State Auctioneer’s Exam.

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What people are saying . . .

Ms Caple just wanted to say thank you again. Auctioneering is why I get up (other than my family). Really life changing, thanks for your help and guidance.
Travis P.
I owe my success in auctioneering to Charlene and her wonderful class!
Anne J.
Best book ever when it comes to the ins and outs of auctioneering in America.
John B.

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What can be sold at auction?

“Bid One and All”: The #1 Selling Auctioneer’s Handbook of All Time