by C.A. Caple, Auctioneer

Charlene authored this award-winning textbook with study guide that is used throughout Pennsylvania in the Auctioneering Programs offered at Harrisburg Area Community College, Clarion/Pittsburgh University, and Reading Community College.

Bid One and All with Study Guide is also used by Apprentice Auctioneers in Pennsylvania and throughout the US as the primary text and reference for the PA State Auctioneer’s Exam.

The chapters include:

  • Audience Communications with bid calling word and number drills.
  • Procurement and development of business, “How to get Business”
  • Procurement and Appraisal of goods – personal and real property. In other words, “Once we get the business, what do we do with it.”
  • Marketing, Advertising and Business Management Fundamentals with application
  • Preparation of the many different types of auctions.
  • Business Law Principles and concepts and compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • New! A chapter is in development to cover online and the internet auctioneer.

A bid calling CD, “Chant Along with Caple”, is available separately, and is provided as part of the curriculum of the Pennsylvania Auctioneer’s Course at no additional charge.


Price: $145.00

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